Using filters on tables

Using filters on tables

There are two ways to view and find information in a table.

1)      Sort using column heading

2)      Filter column information

Sorting information using column headings

  1. Click on column heading to sort column information into ascending or descending order.


First Click


Displays information in ascending order

Second Click


Displays information in descending order

Third Click


Clears sort


Removes sort/ filter


Applying a filter to column information

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow in the field below the column heading filter information in the column.

  2. Select Filter type using the drop-down:
    1. includes
    2. does not include
    3. empty
    4. not empty

  3. Select the information to filter on.
  4. Click Apply.

Remove a filter

  1. To remove a filter, select the column and Reset.
  2. To remove all filters on a tab, navigate to Tab options > Clear all filters
  3. All active filters in the table will display a filter icon:

applying filters