Webinar & Video Library

Webinar & Video Library




WEBINAR 15 - Release 6.2.0 Demo & Features

** Available 12/12 @ 11am** 

WEBINAR 14 - Release 6.1.2 Demo & Features


  • Roadmap 
  • Release 6.1.2 – New Features 

WEBINAR 13 - Release 6.1.1 Demo & Features


  • Roadmap 
  • Release 6.1.0 and Release 6.1.1 – New Features 

WEBINAR 12 - Release 6.0. Demo & Features
  • Roadmap 
  • Release 6.0.0 – New Features 

WEBINAR 11 - Release 5.2 Demo & Features
  • Roadmap (view at 1m 50s)
  • Release 5.2.0 – New Features (view at 4m 34s)
  • New Password Policy (view at 10m 13s)
  • Sneak Peak (view at 12m12s)
  • Vehicle Standards Beta Environment (view at 12m 19s)
  • Accreditation Beta Environment (view at 13m 17s)
  • Demo
  • Demo Password Policy (view at 15m 13s)
  • Demo Queensland Inspected Vehicle lockdown, specifically SPV (view at 18m 29s)
  • Demo Accreditation NHVAS, adding and importing drivers (view at 23m 07s)
  • Demo Accreditation NHVAS, adding and importing vehicles (view at 27m 21s)

WEBINAR 10 - Release 5.1 Demo & Features

WEBINAR 9 - Release 5.0 Demo & Features
  • Roadmap  (view at 2m)
  • Release 5.0 – New Features (view at 4m)
  • Changes to User Types and Permissions (view at 10m 52s)
  • Demo of User Types (view at 13m42s)
  • Application Tracker OSOM Changes (view at 21m24s)
  • Print View of the Permit Application (view at 22m23s)
  • Change to Permit Template – GCM field removed (view at 23m50s)
  • Sneak Peak (Demo) – Accreditation and Vehicle Standards Beta Environment (view at 24m45s)

WEBINAR 8 - Release 4.8.0 Demo & Features

Roadmap  (view at 1m38s)

Release 4.8.0 – Changes for Users (view at 3m42s)

  • Registration set up (view at 14m10s)

Route Planner replacing Journey Planner (view at 31m54s)

  • Demo of Route Planner (view at 34m46s)
  • Benefit of Route Planner (view at 41m52s)
    • Google Maps and Google Street
    • Adding waypoints (view at 49m32s)
    • Using your JP ID in Route Planner (view at 52m10s)
    • Do I need an NHVR Portal account (view at 53m17s)

Release 4.8.0 – Changes for Road Managers (view at 54m47s)

  • Performance Reports

NHVR Portal Customer Training 2 Apr 2019 - Enhancing the application process


WEBINAR 4 - Release 4.4.0 Demo & Features


Webinar is coming soon.

WEBINAR 3 - Release 4.1.0 Demo & Features

  • New Release Features
  • Changes for Customers
  • Changes for Road Managers
  • New look permits
  • Registration - customer reference fields

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