Account Setup - Administrator

Account Setup - Administrator

As the administrator you will need to manage and update your company account details; set up workgroups and flags; add new users to your account and manage their access.

Manage Partner Account

  1. From the side navigation, open Account 

  2. On the DETAILS tab, open the Expand/ Collapse arrows to view the existing information and update the required sections. 
  3. Here you can update contact details, create workgroups, add users and even upload your company logo.

    Set up Workgroups and Flag definitions

  4. Go to Manage Partner Account > Details

  5. Create workgroups and flags as needed.

    Add users to your account

  6. Add Users Manage Partner Account > Users

  7. Select Add New User

  8. Complete the Partner account membership form, select the access level for the new user and the business line(i.e. Access, Accreditation etc) permissions

    Change user access or remove user 

  9. Go to Manage Partner Account > Users

  10. Select the user you want to change or remove

  11. To change access Access level > change the User Role

  12. To remove Account activation and user acceptance > change Activation Status to Deactivated