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About Portal Forms - Information for Road Managers

From the 9th October 2017, we have begun the staged rollout of the NHVR Portal – Road Manager Module and are working hard to make sure all Road Managers are ready.

In the first phase of the rollout of the NHVR Portal - Road Manager Module, all Road Managers have been migrated to Portal Forms, via a simple email link and web form. Road Managers will then migrate to the full Portal upon readiness.

What is Portal Forms?

Portal Forms is a key part of the NHVR's transition approach, moving Road Managers from the current email process to being able to complete online consents in a new digital platform.

Initially, you are being asked to use an online form, a "Portal Form". This is very similar to the email process you have been following. Then, the full version of the NHVR Portal - Road Manager Module will be made available to Road Managers nationally in a staged release (once you are ready).

What does this mean for me?

The NHVR Portal will auto send some notification emails to your organisation from an NHVR email account in the format NHVR_Portal@nhvr.gov.au and ask you to respond to the NHVR via the web form attached in the email.

How will Portal Forms work?

Portal Forms is a simple clickable solution that assists Road Managers to manage consent requests online. This solution is integrated online with the full NHVR Portal - Customer and Regulator modules.  Below are the three (3) simple steps to manage consent requests in the new transitional Portal Forms:

Step 1 - Email

Road Managers will get an email requesting them to review and respond to a consent request, with a link to click on (or copy/paste a URL into a web browser).

Step 2 - Assess

After opening the link, Portal Forms will open and all the permit application details and summary will be viewable in a collapse and expand screens. You'll be able to view route, area and Road Manager decisions, as an example.

Step 3 - Submit

There is a "Case Management" tab. Road Managers will be able to select a simple button to "start initial assessment." Options are available to choose including:

  • Request an extension of time
  • Information request
  • Provide decision response.

How is this different from the full NHVR Portal?

The full NHVR Portal - Road Manager Module will give you additional features such as:

  • Dedicated Portal login
  • Account management
  • Reporting features
  • Workflow management
  • Ability to reference past decisions

Get Ready for Portal Forms

We have created a simple downloadable Information Sheet and Road Manager Readiness Checklist to assist Road Managers to get ready for Portal Forms.

There are a few simple steps to prepare yourself and your organisation/team for Portal Forms:

  1. Watch the Portal Forms webinar
  2. Watch the video on Preparing for Portal Forms
  3. Download the Road Manager Readiness Checklist and work through
  4. Watch the video on how to take the survey
  5. Once you feel you are ready and prepared, take the self-guided readiness survey.

Migration to NHVR Portal

Once you are on Portal Forms, there will be a process for migrating to the full NHVR Portal - Road Manager Module. Migration will be based on individual Road Manager readiness. Road Managers will be contacted by the NHVR.  For assistance on getting ready, you can email us at accessconnect@nhvr.gov.au.

Need more help?

Call the RM Hotline number for support (1300 880 493) or email RM.enquiries@nhvr.gov.au

Standard 1300 call charges apply (check with your phone provider). Hours of operation 7:00am – 5:00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday. Closed on weekends and all national public holidays.

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