Release - February 2017

Release - February 2017

Release 3.7: Significant update to areas of the NHVR Portal - Customer Module - Tour active (will open linking to the related portal update page/this page) 17/2/2017

My Profile: Personal details updated under 'My Profile', instead of 'User'.

Side navigation menu: Ability to switch between icons or icons with description.

Permit Application: Layout changes to the permit application summary screen
Account: Layout changes 

Account: Ability to view the active users by clicking on the user icon or for a summary view, open the “Users” tab.

Account: Additional fields in user membership for administrator roles to update - Position, Division and Work phone numbers for users.

My Profile: Layout changes to manage your own profile details.

Multiple sections: Arrows to expand and collapse sections on the screen view.

My Profile: All user log-in and log-out events have moved to the Event Log tab, previously  in Audit History.


Five tours are active to support this release

  1. NHVR Release 3.7 - New Features
  2. Permit Application Summary Screen
  3. Account Summary Screen
  4. Account: Account Membership Screen
  5. My Profile