View cases by user

View cases by user

Find out how to view cases based on users

There are two ways to view cases needing a response

  1. For all the tasks for all users across your entire organisation, including yourself - Via Task Tracker   (Step 3)
  2. For only your tasks (the signed in user) - Via Dashboard - Notificationsviewed on the Notifications List as a Notifications Alert  (See link) 

    Viewing cases by user

  3. Open Task Tracker

  4. Select the Status tab (OPEN, OVERDUE or CLOSED) to filter the cases. 
  5. To view ALL cases, remove the filter on the table (RESET) or create a new TAB if this is a view you would regularly use (see here for Steps).
  6. Under Activity assignee, filter by user name. 
  7. Here you can directly access the Case by clicking on the relevant line.